History of ~CB~clan



        {C#W}(Christian Heavy Weapons Clan) was started back in 2003,and was the original clan for most us.C#W was formed by a Christian man (C#W Dragon)in an effort to provide a safe place for son to play Halo online. Many people were sick and tired of all of the bad names and cursing in the gaming world,and looking for someplace better to play for themselves or their families. Some of us were invited to join and some joined because of the values of the clan had. We all came from many walks of life and have varying degrees of experience with online computer gaming. Some of us have been gaming for 30+ years and others are starting out.

         C#W ended in 2010. Many members felt lost, and they did not want to go play on other servers without the friends they had mad. The clan had become an online computer gaming  FAMILY , with members from all over the world. C#W ending WOULD JUST NOT DO!

         Serveral members knew how to contact other and together they came up with a plan. they purchased a new Teamspeak,Clan server and Forums. Those people are Franck(aka Prophet),David(aka Pica),Micheal(aka Dr Tang); Then they contacted as many former C#W members as they could. This was the begining of the new nameless clan. There was a TV series called "Bandof Brothers" a name suggested by T-n-T , but then the clan, for short, would be ~BOB~. Alas the clan wanted to say with the Christian idea and values. The name "Christian Brotherhood" was suggested and it passed the vote . This was the begining of ~CB~.

          In an effort to provide a clean and safe environment for all, we have kept some of the same C#W rules as created some new ones. we now have a group of counsel members instead of one person in charge. We kept some of the same ranks and made a few new oes also. Just knowing that there is a safe place eo go and play online, is a big relief. 1corenthins 15:33 Reads;"do not be miss led;Bad company corrupts good character". In other words Bad association spoils youthful habits. That is why ~CB~ has rules on their servers.

           You do to not have to be a Christian to join this clan . You should expect to hear,from time to time, Christian talking about their beliefs. Some clan members may even take the opportunity to witness God's word to others. If you join this clan, a whole new gaming experience become available because of Teamspeak,Xfire, the Clan servers, Forum and most the importantly the people. We make up games in Halo to keep things FUN like Zombies or inter clan tournament and any members will gladly take the time to teach you all the tricks of the games. The oline gaming experience can be intimidating for some, but the people that are part of this clan make you feel at ease. This is just one of the many reasons the clan is special to it's members.

.                             So be it fate, chance, or higher intervention, we are all here together AGAIN

author: Dawn(aka ~CB~Wifey) Co-author Kim(aka ~CB~Olady) and MaX (Aka ~CB~MaX)

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